Softdocs and Continuing the Cybersecurity Conversation

Softdocs and Continuing the Cybersecurity Conversation

Learn how our commitment to cybersecurity within our solutions can make a difference for your institution.

Regularly topping the list of pressing concerns for IT professionals in education, cybersecurity remains a topic of high importance for institutions seeking to remain conscientious stewards of student, employee and other institutional data. Balancing the efficient and secure capture, storage and distribution of a veritable wealth of information with the growing accessibility demands of administrators, faculty and students is no easy task—but we can make it an easier one.

Cybersecurity in Education: A Pressing Need

Framing the role of cybersecurity in education, this white paper reviews the state of the education marketplace, reviews current vulnerabilities and suggests best practices to bolster cybersecurity within educational institutions.

Internal Initiatives and Interoperability

Recognizing that the cyber threat landscape facing education today has grown quite complex and continues to rapidly evolve, we've adopted cybersecurity as a key pillar of responsibility to our customers. In addition to receiving SOC 2 Type I and Type II compliance, we designed Etrieve from the ground up, to keep your data secure and to fit seamlessly into your institution through APIs, single-sign on (SSO) and a central access control policy. A quick review of our product roadmap, or this article on our API strategy, will confirm a robust commitment to system integration and the secure sharing of data across deployed campus applications.

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Etrieve Product Overview

Learn more about the Softdocs Etrieve platform, its extensive functionality and how it seamlessly integrates into your campus technology map—delivering an institution-wide approach to data consistency and security.

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The latest news items, informative videos and training courses to educate yourself about cybersecurity.

Building upon ongoing internal cybersecurity initiatives, Softdocs also works closely with Bugcrowd—a crowd-sourced cybersecurity company. Bugcrowd’s white hat researchers regularly examine Softdocs’ digital footprint for potential vulnerabilities, submitting any findings to the Softdocs development team for immediate remediation. This approach provides unexpected traffic from a variety of researchers, thoroughly exercising the Etrieve platform and ensuring the integrity and privacy of customer data is secured against any and all cybersecurity threats.

Learn more about Softdocs and Bugcrowd’s efforts to ensure your data remains secure.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t have to look too far to find an educational institution dealing with the aftermath of a data breach. In fact, the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) revealed 382 incidents within Educational Services in the past 12 months, including close to one hundred with confirmed data disclosure.

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Let’s Continue the Cybersecurity Conversation

See how Etrieve by Softdocs can help you reimagine business processes, while preserving the security and privacy of your data. We’d be happy to supply you with additional resources to learn more about our company and our products.