Softdocs Cloud Series | Security

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

This week we are kicking off the start of a new series all about the cloud. We’ve seen an increase in both customer and prospect interest in deploying Etrieve in the cloud, so we wanted to take some time to focus in on these areas and shed some light on the technology.

Cloud and on-prem deployments are quite different, and making changes from what one is accustomed to is difficult for some institutions to get comfortable with. Whether you are migrating to a cloud-based solution, gearing up for a new cloud implementation or are simply curious about this option, this series will provide some valuable insight into the nuances of the technology. Each post will highlight a concern that we hear regularly with the hope of clearing up some of the uncertainty.

Our first highlighted concern…


With cloud services, people are often worried if their data is secure. After all, the idea of the cloud is largely abstract. With the amount of sensitive data an educational institution holds, it is certainly justified to want to understand what measures are put in place to protect it.

Etrieve leverages Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform and relies on its high level of security. Microsoft has a long-standing reputation for its resilient environment. In fact, Azure is the only public cloud to offer continuous security-health monitoring for an entire environment.

The Softdocs Development team also believes in an approach known as “security by layers”, which makes it as difficult as possible for bad agents to get in the system. From putting in firewalls to web application security and encryption, our cloud and security experts are constantly working to ensure that Etrieve is a safe haven for our customers’ data.