Softdocs Cloud Series | Job Security

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

Following yesterday’s post on data security in the cloud, we now look at a different type of security concern…

Job Security

One of the biggest challenges institutions face when trying to manage technology implementations is how to best utilize resources. With so many different types of technologies including ERPs and ECM platforms, it can be overwhelming for IT to not only oversee the regular maintenance of these applications but also help enhance them. This includes making sure that the technical implementations match the business requirements for each department.

For these reasons, cloud-based implementations can be very appealing to help better balance the resources required to do so. However, many institutions worry that cloud solutions can be threatening to the job security of their IT personnel.

In reality, cloud solutions including Etrieve may change up some of the IT department’s responsibilities, or merely free them up to work on projects that may have taken the back seat when their plate was too full. These solutions are not a replacement for your IT department, but instead a tool to help them work smarter. Rather than maintaining, monitoring and managing backups, they can focus on making sure the system provides business value to the overall institution.

It is important to be clear about goals and overall resource plans with staff when any technology investment provides institutions with the ability reallocate these resources. This will help reduce concern throughout your team. Saving resource time doesn’t necessarily mean job cuts, it simply means putting the right solutions in place to help all staff work more efficiently.