Softdocs Cloud Series | Access

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

If you haven’t been following along on our cloud series, check out day one and day two, where we cleared up some concerns that are associated with cloud solutions, such as security and job security. Today we are back for day three to discuss accessibility.

The thought of moving from a traditional on-premises software application to a cloud-based solution can feel as if your team is losing some accessibility with the switch. On-prem deployments require IT to install the software, manage the database, handle backups and more. The management of the system is in their hands, and for many, while it may be time-consuming, the control over the data and the environment is comforting.

With cloud solutions, an institution’s IT department is putting their trust in a third party provider. For Etrieve, we recognize that your team not only has to trust Microsoft Azure and the stability of their solutions, but also the Softdocs team. For that reason, our dedicated Cloud and Development Operations teams are made up of subject matter experts who help ensure the reliability of Etrieve in the cloud and provide your institution continued insight into the status of your environment and security of your data.

These teams also help ensure that integrations are handled as seamlessly as possible. Many worry that key integrations between cloud ECM solutions and traditional on-prem ERP applications are complicated based on the differences in the deployment models. It is important to understand here that cloud services in no way eliminate integration possibilities, but simply change the approach.

With Etrieve, your institution won’t lose accessibility, it will rather delegate some of the responsibilities associated with managing the system. Your data is still secure and readily available, with the ability to grow and enhance your implementation as needed.