Slate and Softdocs – Making your admissions process smarter

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

By now you’ve likely heard of Etrieve, our true all-in-one ECM platform comprised of document management, electronic forms and workflow components. One of the many next-generation features of Etrieve is its integration capabilities that help ensure institutions can get the most return from their investment in both current and future deployments.

We are especially thrilled to showcase one of our latest integrations with you. Softdocs and Technolutions have joined forces to provide an integration between Etrieve by Softdocs and Technolutions Slate.

Built exclusively for higher education admissions, Slate is one of the leading providers of comprehensive CRM. Leveraged by more than 750 colleges and universities, Slate serves as the “one-stop-shop” for all admissions-related tasks.

With the majority of higher education institutions utilizing CRM technology to assist with the admissions process, we found a great opportunity in seeking this integration out as it aligns with the continuing goal of streamlining and simplifying.

The actual premise of the integration is simple, but the power it can have for your institutions is unmatched. When a student applies to school, all information associated with their record is stored in Slate. This can include everything from the actual application to transcripts and test scores. When the student accepts their admission, an automated workflow is triggered and all information for that student is funneled into Etrieve to create their individual student record. That student record holds all admissions data and documentation, as well as index information.

One of the first adopters of the integration was Transylvania University, who purchased the complete Etrieve platform in 2016. After implementing Etrieve to tackle paper forms, disjointed communication and inconsistent file naming, they purchased Slate about a year later and bridged the two systems to further enhance the investment they had made in each software application and in their deployment of Colleague by Ellucian.

Transylvania knew the bridge between Etrieve and Slate would positively impact both admissions and the Registrar’s office greatly, but what they didn’t expect was how much it would help with the financial aid process. The financial aid office at Transylvania benefits from being able to see students’ applications when questions arise. The information is simply at their fingertips since they are already using Etrieve.

Krista Story, the Associate Director of IT at Transylvania, said the financial aid office never wants to go back now that they’ve experienced the integration between Etrieve and Slate and how much it helps them day-to-day.

One of the best parts about this integration is how simple it is to set up on the front-end and the return is essentially instant.

“Logistically thinking through the process is sometimes more difficult than actually implementing,” said Story.

So what does this mean for the admissions department? Time savings, increased efficiency and enhanced collaboration for starters. The admissions department no longer has to manually pass all admitted student documentation to the Registrar’s office. The days of walking folders from office to office or spending your days scanning are over!

Want to learn more? Softdocs will be in Chicago in June for this year’s Slate Innovation Summit. Be sure to stop by the Softdocs booth to chat if you’re there. If not, just reach out to us today to schedule a conversation.