Printing and Delivery of Purchase Orders with Two Clicks

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

The traditional method of printing and delivering Purchase Orders (POs) is a cumbersome, time consuming process. Traditionally, you would complete a handwritten PO request and hand it off for approval. Once approved, the requisition data is keyed into your finance and payroll solution to generate a PO. Next you would use your PO print routine, walk to pickup your PO (or multiple copies) at the printer, pony express a copy to the originator or shipping destination through inter-office mail, fax or scan and email a copy to the vendor, etc. The list could go on and on. It’s a tiring process to describe, much less accomplish.

Ready to update your process?

If you’re a Doc e Fill customer, this news is too good not to share. Release users currently chained to their desks to ensure delivery of “printed” POs to the original requestor or intended vendor.

But how can this be done in one click you ask? It’s simple: the click of the ‘Archive’ followed by a click of the ‘Send/Authorize’ button that you’re already using! That’s right. ‘Archive’ can now be reconfigured to mean ‘Archive, Print and Deliver,’ directly from Doc e Fill.

Here’s how we’ve updated the process to work:
It all begins with an electronic form. When a requisition is submitted online, it is routed to the appropriate, predetermined user for approval. Once authorized, the requisition data is either keyed into or passed through your finance and payroll system to generate a PO. After the PO number has been assigned and appears on the purchase requisition e-form,  Purchasing selects ‘Archive’ and clicks “Send/Authorize” in Doc e Fill.

Now, two simultaneous actions take place:

  • An image of the requisition and any attachments are filed in Doc e Scan as a “Pending Requisition” to wait for the AP matching process
  • Serve processes the PO and sends a copy to:
    • Doc e Scan  for AP matching as a “Pending Purchase Order”
    • eDelivery distributes copies via email or fax to:
      • the requestor
      • school representative
      • purchasing
      • the vendor

Already a Doc e Fill user? Contact us today to have this feature added.

If you’re not yet using Doc e Fill for your Purchase Requisitions, regardless of your existing finance and payroll system, stop trying to decipher handwriting and using the pony express to deliver physical paper. Get on board with Softdocs today.