Sessions, Roundtables & One-on-Ones

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Last week we discussed the overall feedback of Bridge 2012 and some improvements we’d like to implement to make our next User Group Conference even better. Today, we’re highlighting details from our Sessions, Roundtables, and One-on-One Consultations so that those of you who couldn’t attend, can get a glimpse of what these were like.

With almost 30 different session-topics including: SoftApp: Position & Applicant Tracking Made Easy, Records Conversion Services, Purchase Card Management and System Security Practices, Bridge 2012 aimed to cover a broad range of business processes enhanced in efficiency by our solutions.

Some of our top rated and most attended sessions were: Unique Ways to Get Documents into Doc e Scan, led by Softdocs’ Services Consultants Jimmie Moore and Deni Beale-Cribbs, Workflow with Doc e Fill, led by one of Softdocs’ Support Supervisors Robert Gunning, and Financial Aid Processing Transformed, led by one of several customer speakers, Lena Mason from Cabrillo College (Santa Cruz, CA).

Other customer-led sessions included: Case Study: CNFC lead by Jenni Garris from Edgecombe Community College in North Carolina, E-forms and Student Services: Real Life ROI, by Laura Babbin and Lynn Reynolds from Monmouth University in New Jersey, and Speeding up the Handling of Evaluation, Administrative Forms, and Contract Processing, by Tony Wright from Columbia County Schools in Georgia.

With so many options for sessions to attend, narrowing down which session to sit in on was a challenge.  Here is some of the feedback we received from customers about our sessions:

“Gave me things to think about before starting the P.O. process i.e.: the routing. “
“This session gave really good ideas that I will take back and use.”
“Love learning features I am not using or wasn’t even aware of.”
“I liked the team “teaching” concept. I would like to see that with a Softdocs person and client.”

Our Roundtables took place on Wednesday afternoon before our closing session. Focused on giving customers topic-specific assistance with each of our solutions and how they can be used in K-12 and Higher Education departments, our Roundtables were a great way to recap the information presented from the previous two days. Centered on a Softdocs expert answering specific solution-driven questions, attendees had another opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns they may have; along with sharing how they are currently implementing our solutions in their given institutions.

“The Roundtables equipped me with insight that I plan to share back at the office.”

Our One-on-One Consultations were designed to give customer attendees the opportunity to sit down and speak with a Softdocs expert for 30 minutes to discuss issues, concerns, answer questions and plan next steps. One of the things we addressed in last week’s blog was about how we could improve the registration process of these consultation appointments. In the future, we will be setting up these appointments by expert, not just by time. This will eliminate confusion and will also make it easier for attendees to select their expert of choice.

One of our most requested Softdocs expert was Robert Gunning, our Doc e Fill connoisseur. Gunning was requested so much that we had to give him shifts to sit in on the One-on-Ones for.  This demand showed us how awesome our customers really think he is and our Softdocs support team is when it comes to getting problems solved quickly while providing great customer service!

Some other topics discussed during One-on-Ones included: Getting started—new customers in the first stages of implementation, Doc e Scan, EMMA, and implementation concerns.

“My One-on-One Consultation was most beneficial—Deni seeks solutions and doesn’t just refer us to someone else.”

“Ricky was very helpful and answered all of my questions.”

Overall 17 schools and almost 30 people participated in our One-on-Ones with 17 Softdocs experts. We hope that our next conference will help to make these numbers rise as we continue to grow and get more and more feedback from our customers.

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