Disaster Recovery: Restoring Your Serve Application

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Our Serve Supervisor Kipp continues our disaster recovery series this week with tips and information on restoring Serve.

Serve needs two components for backup:  the file archive and system databases.  The file archive can be broken down into 3 sub categories: completed, pending and passthrough.  The completed files are the most important for a successful Serve backup.

Completed files are those that have been processed and delivered (by print, fax, email, etc.) through Serve and are used for reprints.  This category archives both the Job’s original data file and processed file.  Roughly 95% of our clients have a completed folder created for each Job type within Serve, which can be set to archive these files for anywhere from 0 days to forever.  However, some of our older Serve systems will only be able to save for up to 999 days.  To keep from losing any important files, the completed folders should be backed up at a minimum of every 2-3 months for recovery purposes.  Once Serve has purged the expired files, they will not be available for reprint without the original data file.

To find the completed folders, log into Serve, select a Job and click on either of the Completed Input or Completed Output buttons.  When selected, the top left screen will display a tree showing the location of the folder for the selected Job.  You can select different Jobs to find each of their completed Job folders.

The other items needed for Serve backup are the system databases.  The most important of these is named “Doc e Serve Info.mdb”, which houses all of the template information in one location. Other important databases include “Doc e Serve Log.mdb”, “Completed Jobs.mdb”, and “Job Template.mdb”.  All of these databases can be found in the “Doc e ServeSystem” folder.  Without one of these databases, Serve will not be able to run properly.

To guarantee that a database is not missed when backing up Serve, the entire system folder is recommended for backup.  By doing this, the backup will be able to restore the different graphics used on the templates. This process will also make a secondary backup of each Job template by backing up the DSI Files and Graphics folders.  The system folder should have a backup made at least once a month, though we recommend a full backup once a week in the case of a mid-month crash.

As long as the completed folders and the “Doc e ServeSystem” folder are covered in the backup process, Serve will have all of the necessary files to recover from a crash.

For more information, please contact Softdocs support.