Doc e Scan Filing Key Conversions

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

If your institution needs to convert a key index field for filing documents into Doc e Scan, Softdocs’ professional services team can help. Below are details of the process used when institutions need to file employee documents using the employee ID number rather than their Social Security number.

Analysis of Current Process
Softdocs will evaluate your filing structure and documents to verify auto-filing can occur. Recommendations will be made and a plan will be put together to achieve the migration. This will include the review of printed Doc e Serve jobs and Doc e Fill forms, as well as how they file in Doc e Scan. While this process can work with both Doc e Scan 2.0 and 3.0, we encourage you to convert to 3.0 before changing your filing indices.

Conversion File – From Social Security Numbers to ID Numbers
Your institution will need to provide Softdocs with a conversion file that contains the first, middle and last names, Social Security number and identification number for each student. This file must be in a tab-delimited format. Once Softdocs receives the file we will prepare for the conversion.

Conversion of Tree Structure
Your institution will need to back up the current Doc e Scan database. When Softdocs receives the conversion file, we will run the conversion to change the tree structure from Social Security-based to ID-based. This process will need to be run for each filing room and takes approximately 4 hours per room. We recommend you run this process at night to eliminate down time.

Clearing the Social Security Number from the Filing Keys
After the tree structure conversion is complete, Softdocs will run a SQL script that removes the Social Security number from the filing keys in Doc e Scan. After the script has run we will verify the new filing structure is correct.

Doc e Serve Output Modification
Softdocs will change the output and scan maps for each document that automatically files to Doc e Scan. Note that if your new output does not contain the identification number, no auto-filing will occur.

Tax Forms Note
Some tax documents have Social Security numbers but no identification numbers (such as Colleague IDs). If you wish to file these documents by identification number, Softdocs may have to develop a merge template design that will perform a table lookup and match the identification number to the appropriate Social Security number for the auto-filing process. This will require a template design and the merge module.

Service Charges
Changes in legislation, accrediation rules, state laws and other requirements can make this change necessary. We work to assist you with this change with minimal cost to your institution.