The Scalability of Etrieve: The Perfect Fit For Institutions of Every Size

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

When it comes to enterprise software, a one-size-fits-all approach is not only less cost effective, it forces institutions to leverage solutions that don’t necessarily fit their needs. For that reason, when we developed Etrieve, we took an all-in-one approach that also allowed institutions to grow and implement at the pace that was right for them. 

Combining document management, electronic forms and workflow components, Etrieve has been developed specifically with the needs and processes of educational institutions in mind. Capable of providing complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed at your institution, Etrieve can be implemented and utilized in different ways to perfectly align with your goals and processes.  

While there are many definitions of scalability, there are few key pieces that we feel help ensure that Etrieve works well for institutions of every type and size. 

  1. Detailed discovery process - Our team will meet with key players and review all workflows, forms, documents and job responsibilities within each department. This process is important whether your institution is looking to initially go paperless or whether you’re replacing an existing ECM solution. 

  1. Customized filing structure - Together we’ll work to help you outline a filing structure that will be used to organize content and forms within each department. Easy to manage and update through a user-friendly administration console, your institution has complete control over how you leverage the platform. 

  1. Multiple deployment options - Etrieve can be either deployed in the cloud or on-premises – dependent on institutional needs and preferences. Cloud-based deployments of Etrieve leverage the Microsoft Azure platform to provide users with automatic backup of all data and content, as well as automated system updates. 

  1. Flexible licensing model - With the ability to license concurrent users, you’ll only be licensing exactly what you need and nothing more. Should your institution require it, there is also an unlimited option available.  

  1. Component-based platform – While most institutions license Etrieve as a complete platform, the solution itself has been developed to be component-based. This approach allows institutions to license specific aspects of Etrieve in a phased approach to help align with budget and business requirements.  

Softdocs created Etrieve to be a do-it-all ECM solution for educational institutions. Understanding that needs and processes will vary from institution to institution, we are ready to work with you to shape your implementation and utilization of Etrieve. Our professional services and support teams are always happy to offer insights from their years of experience, within the education marketplace, to help you and your institution shape Etrieve into the perfect fit! 

Learn more about how Etrieve can scale to your needs and contact us with any questions!