Save Trees and Onboard New Employees at the Same Time!

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

We all have them. Stacks of forms that newly hired employees have completed in order to be added to payroll, receive benefits, receive direct deposits, etc. Don’t forget the record keeping, label making and personnel folders still left to make too. Can we say papercut central?

Save yourself time, money and minor bodily harm by having tax forms, I-9’s, direct deposit signups and other forms completed online and sent to Human Resources for electronic processing.

For those forms that still require a “wet signature” we can help there too. Our e-forms are created with printed output in mind and can accommodate for printing and wet signatures if absolutely necessary.

Now that you have all the new hire forms completed electronically, it’s time to talk record keeping. Our document management system securely houses all employee documents, providing user-specific access which ensures only users with appropriate permissions can see a document.

Locating the records is easier too. Search by name, employee ID, social security number, or date of birth. You choose what data elements you want to capture so you can easily locate the files you need.

And with electronically signed forms automatically filed, and wet signature forms easily scanned, you no longer have to create a label, place it on a folder and file all that paperwork by hand.

We can’t make the work go away, but we can help you achieve true accountability, boost efficiency and improve processing time (and possibly reduce minor injuries around the workplace…so long papercuts!).

Each school requires some degree of personalization and we’re ready to help! Let us assist you by reviewing your current paper forms and processes while providing you with electronic replacements and process improvement strategies. You can’t go wrong with Softdocs.

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