Saint Leo University Superhero Sighting

Robert Gunning

Robert Gunning

Have you ever met a superhero? A superhero sighting was recently reported at Saint Leo University around the start of the semester. Did you hear what else happened? Well… let me catch you up.

Our friends at Saint Leo have revolutionized the age old method of checking in and out hardware, laptops, iPads, and other devices to their students.

For years, the Saint Leo Technology Services staff dreaded the day when students first check out hardware for the first time that semester. When the doors would open in the morning, the line seemed to span far into the next zip code.

Imagine it from a student’s perspective. You stand in a long, slow moving line to get to the counter only to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Then, you’re required to turn on the equipment to make sure it’s working so the staff can sign off that you have received functioning equipment. Ugh. Each and every semester it’s the same process.

Rather than continuing with this long, drawn out process for both staff and students, the Technology Services group at Saint Leo changed into their superhero spandex and used their powers to save the day. In search of a system that would wield them great power, they wanted an application that would reduce wait time for students, quickly identify equipment as it was distributed and provide accountability to the student and staff for tracking the equipment being checked in and out. What was this power they found? Doc e Fill.

Doc e Fill, Softdocs workflow and electronic forms application, has given Saint Leo the power to construct an e-form that allows the front line Technical Services staff the ability to open the form, enter a student name or ID and generate a notice of whether that student is eligible to receive their requested hardware. From there, the technician can note what hardware has been provided to the student and the archives it.

The action of archiving the form flags the database that the student has received the equipment. The student uses the new equipment to access Doc e Fill with their username and password, opens the equipment sign off e-form, acknowledges the due date for the new equipment and that it is working properly via a digital signature. This digital signature is then stored on the e-form, saved in the background database and a copy of the completed form is saved in the student’s folder within Doc e Scan.

At this point the student is released to live among the other innocent citizens of the world, but something is different. They can hold their head higher knowing their day of checking out equipment has been rescued by the Technology Services superheroes at Saint Leo University.

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