S.C. District Picks New Enterprise Content Management System

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Softdocs, an enterprise content management, e-forms and workflow provider, announced that South Carolina’s Aiken County Public School District (ACPSD) will now use Softdocs for important enterprise content management needs. Softdocs Etrieve will create, store and manage human resource and finance data and forms for the District in one consolidated solution.

As South Carolina’s sixth largest school district, ACPSD is deploying Etrieve to help increase workflow and document management efficiencies, and create a virtually paperless office across its departments.

“A long-time partner of Softdocs in certain business areas, we look forward to utilizing the company’s Etrieve platform district-wide as it creates a simple and standardized way for teachers and staff to access and manage everything from paystubs and tax forms to employee contracts and personnel files,” said Jenny Floth, Supervisor of Accounting Systems for Aiken County Public School District. “Working with Softdocs’ Etrieve solution means we will have one comprehensive platform for managing our content, forms and data for the first time. This is critical for streamlining our business processes and saving our staff an immense amount of time.”

Softdocs will help the District create a paperless process and maintain a secure audit trail, as well as fully track the lifecycle of documents. Additionally, ACPSD will use Softdocs to streamline HR and employee-related needs by easing personnel processes related to onboarding and overall employee management – tracking onboarding processes, archiving records and accounting for all employee forms and documentation.

ACPSD has 3,350 employees, including nearly 1,500 teachers, and serves over 24,000 students across more than 40 schools.

Softdocs’ integrated platform, Etrieve, provides enterprise content management, e-forms and workflow solutions for K-12 school districts. The platform redefines a district’s business processes by improving records management, and increasing employee productivity and efficiency with complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.