The Official Release of Auto File

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Softdocs is proud to present our newest Doc e Scan module!

While Softdocs has been advertising all that Auto File can do, now we’re also able to say you can use it today! Our development team has been working hard and it’s now available with a very user-friendly interface that we think you’ll love (and see more of across our solutions as time goes on…).

Auto File serves two main purposes:

1) It provides an easy way to batch or bulk scan documents, with indexing and preview tools all in one place. You can even pull over and file batches from a networked copier.

2) (Drumroll….) It allows for scanned or imported documents to be automatically indexed based on information presented in an active ERP solution screen. So no matter if you’re in accounting, student services, personnel, payroll, AP, procurement (or any other business area) you can now quickly and easily scan and file documents without having to type a keystroke. Talk about time savings!

An Example of Auto File in Action
Your institution can use Auto File to eliminate manual indexing across multiple departments – especially in Human Resources. New employees filling out company paperwork and applying for benefits can produce a pile of documents to store in Doc e Scan. But rather than individually scanning these documents and typing the same information multiple times, Auto File allows you to scan them all at once, automatically applying data from your ERP screen as filing keys. The documents are filed under the employee’s folder in Doc e Scan, easily searchable by name or ID in the future. Auto File takes the time – and headache – out of manual scanning and indexing.

Of course, the same thing goes for student services, accounts payable, etc!

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