A Quick Guide to Etrieve and Ellucian Ethos

Jordan Harbor

Jordan Harbor

For over 20 years now, Softdocs has developed enterprise content management solutions focused on the needs and processes of educational institutions. Last week we announced our latest development effort, being certified and named a ‘Ready to Engage’ integration partner for Ellucian Ethos.

Our team has recently created a set of integrations for our Etrieve platform that allow our customers to utilize Ellucian Ethos in pairing Etrieve with their Ellucian enterprise resource planning solution. These integrations were developed over the course of 2018 and in coordination with Ethos developers and subject matter experts. 

Ethos Diagram


Ethos acts as an integration layer between Ellucian ERPs and third-party applications, like Etrieve by Softdocs. Instead of requiring custom integrations for each ERP and application, utilizing Ethos allows the same integrations to be used for both Ellucian Colleague and Ellucian Banner customers, and insulates these integrations from changes made to the base ERP models.


In short, you can enjoy a seamless, end-user experience with real-time data syncing between Etrieve and your ERP solution without the programming time or cost of developing a custom integration.


ERP data is leveraged to create initial student, employee and vendor records in Etrieve. Pre-populating index information enables all incoming content to be automatically filed, organized and indexed. Electronic forms pre-populate with ERP data and completed form data syncs to your ERP. No manual rekeying of information required!


An Ethos integration uses secure web APIs, hosted by Amazon Web Services, to communicate student, employee and vendor data to-and-from Etrieve and your ERP. Flat files are a thing of the past, and ensuring data consistency across applications has never been easier!


Learn more about the integration here. If you have questions about integrating Etrieve with your ERP, please leave us a comment or reach out to us!