Your Questions Answered: Etrieve Cloud

Hannah Goodwin


As many of you have heard, we announced our Etrieve Cloud offering late last year. Etrieve Cloud leverages the Microsoft Azure platform and offers a fully cloud-based deployment option for our enterprise content management, e-forms and workflow solution.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our cloud offering lately, so we thought it’d be a great time to address some of them.

A couple of questions current and prospective customers have is, “What are our options for running Etrieve in the cloud versus on-prem?” and “Will Serve run in the cloud?”

There are several key advantages to hosting Etrieve in the cloud. First of all, installation and maintenance is handled by Softdocs, freeing up your institution’s IT resources for more pressing needs. Secondly, a cloud-deployment model is secure and dependable, so in the event of a catastrophe the cloud helps ensure minimal data loss. Another benefit is the great price point. Hosting Etrieve in the cloud can help alleviate some of the upfront costs of traditional on-prem technology with a flexible, subscription-based pricing model.

While the cloud is perfect for hosting Etrieve, we do strongly encourage schools to keep hosting Serve on-premises. Many institutions require print jobs that generate extremely large files for the local printers to process. Given the nature of print customization technologies and the connections required between local printers and the software, an on-premises deployment can help prevent any delay in the delivery of these files and also help avoid print quality issues as most laser printers have little to no data error correction.

To bridge Etrieve in the cloud with Serve “on the ground” a Softdocs Cloud Hybrid Server is brought online. The Hybrid Server allows for the secure transfer of data, allowing for the best of both worlds – Etrieve in the cloud and Serve on the ground – to occur.

All in all, Etrieve Cloud is a great option for institutions in terms of security, price and maintenance. The harder we work to keep costs down, the more institutions are able to experience the next generation of paperless – and that is probably the best part about this deployment option in our opinion. Whether you are an Etrieve customer looking to move to the cloud, or Etrieve is totally new to you, we welcome you to ask questions and evaluate what will work best for your school.

Still have questions? Contact us today and we will be in touch!