Print Customization

Print Customization Solutions

Serve by Softdocs, our print customization solution for education, increases efficiencies in print output and communications. By networking printing processes with the ability to digitally deliver and archive documents, educational institutions are able to simplify workflows, improve brand clarity and gain full control over content on your campus—from capture through distribution.

Extend Laser Printing Capabilities


Graphically enhance your print output with logos, watermarks, signatures, even MICR bank information, and maintain a consistent brand across document types. Easily sort records or create reports through user-defined triggers.

Increase Functionality of ERP System


Import raw print output from your Education ERP into fully customizable document templates. Enjoy flexibility of image layout, choose from various reporting and sorting options or even merge disparate documents into a single file for printing on pressure seal or cut sheet stock.

Create More Efficient Workflows


Reimagine document-related processes and move beyond a need for preprinted business forms by networking your printing, email and fax delivery processes with Serve by Softdocs' efficient higher education or K-12 software. Print output can be directed to any network printer or data can be split between multiple printers.

Digitally Deliver and Archive Documents


From payroll to purchase orders, documents can be automatically emailed, faxed or exported directly into Etrieve™ Content for easy document retrieval. Serve captures, stores and distributes every document exactly the way you want.

Capture, Customize, Distribute.

From payroll to purchase orders, customize your institution’s documents to fit the needs of your institution, then efficiently distribute them through email, fax or physical mail. Save space in your office, evolve manual print processes and stay on schedule with new efficiencies created through Serve.


CHECKS Graphically enhance raw print output with logos or watermarks, and pre-populate key information with detailed signature rules and MICR printing. Sorting options, reports and an on-demand register further simplify check management.


CUSTOMIZED LETTERS Format captured ERP data into student notices, award announcements or employee communications that reflect your design preferences. Customized letters can be printed for mailing, automatically emailed or printed and emailed simultaneously.


MONTHLY, QUARTERLY AND ANNUAL REPORTS Easily-identifiable key fields make it simple to import, archive or distribute generated reports. From a single print job, department-specific PDFs can be parsed out and forwarded to department heads through email or printer assignment.


PURCHASE ORDERS AND INVOICES Create a consistent brand through ordering, accounts payable and receivables processes, as well as cost control systems, with fully customizable printing templates.


RECEIPTS Personalize the format, layout and content of your receipts from the business office to the bookstore. Customized receipts can be printed or distributed electronically.


STUDENT BILLS Pair student schedules with formatted accounts receivable data before printing on stock that includes a return mailer, for increased convenience.


STUDENT ROSTERS Print rosters by class or professor, customize with student name or merge multiple documents into a single file. Output can be directed to a network printer or split between multiple printers.


TRANSCRIPTS Create digital and print-ready transcripts through information import and simple design management. Sensitive data can be masked, signatures added and digital copies can also be automatically placed within students’ files.

Print Tax Forms In-House with Serve

Interested in simplifying your tax form processing routine? Leverage Serve to securely import data into form templates and print your tax forms in-house. All forms and processes are updated regularly to reflect annual changes from the Internal Revenue Service and ensure you remain compliant with all governmental regulations. Print your 1095-C, 1098-T, 1099-MISC and W-2 forms with Serve this year!

See Serve in action

Sign up for a live product demonstration and discover the benefits your school will enjoy with Serve by Softdocs. Interested in learning how Etrieve complements Serve with document management, workflows and e-forms? We can discuss that too!

  • Serve by Softdocs

    Automate your document delivery process to reduce document delivery time and cost, improves the clarity of your institution’s overall brand, and reduces costs by eliminating the need for pre-printed business forms.

  • Etrieve Content

    Browser-based and designed to work on any device or platform, Etrieve Content will change the way your institution thinks about managing documents and information.