K-12 Solutions

Etrieve, our single enterprise content management platform for document management, electronic forms and workflow increases operational efficiency for your district, whether you have 20 or 20,000 employees. From human resources and finance to student records, this next generation platform provides innovative solutions for the most challenging and complex business processes school districts face.


Human Resources


"We were already working hard, so we knew we needed to work smarter."

Etrieve encompasses document management, pre-built electronic forms and workflow features to reduce paper-based processes and streamline personnel needs. Teachers and staff have access to personnel files as needed, common processes are tracked electronically and teacher contracts are simplified.




“Gone are the days of misfiled forms and waiting for approvals.”

With the ability to integrate with various SIS and accounting systems, Etrieve streamlines workflow and reduces required resources and costs of finance operations. Our next generation platform goes beyond providing paperless financial records; it will save your district valuable resources.


Student Records


“We’ve gone from having 20 file cabinets in our office alone, to just three.”

No matter the size of your district, Etrieve allows you to reduce paper files that easily get misplaced or create storage challenges. Additionally, common processes such as registration and contact management are easily automated and tracked.

Softdocs and Cybersecurity

Our commitment to cybersecurity within our solutions can make a difference for your institution.

  • Etrieve Overview for K-12

    Etrieve is a cloud-based document management platform built to eliminate paper district-wide from human resources to finance and student records.

  • Etrieve Cloud

    Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, Etrieve Cloud offers a fully cloud-based deployment option for Softdocs’ enterprise content management, electronic forms and workflow solution.

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