Higher Education Solutions

The Softdocs platform was built from the ground up to transform the way higher education institutions handle common business processes. With a scalable, browser-based solution that minimizes paper records, improves student and employee service and increases overall processing efficiencies, your institution can experience drastic improvements across the board.

Student Services


"The Bursar’s office is where Softdocs really made an initial impact."

From admissions and financial aid applications to change of major and transcript requests, students can access, complete and collect required documents and signatures seamlessly. In return, institutions reduce lost paperwork, have detailed audit trails and eliminate manual processing bottlenecks along the way.



"Softdocs exponentially enhanced the way we receive payment from students. It took away all of the existing paper processes."

Checks, purchase orders, and tax forms—all paperless. We eliminate the need for paper at the start for those common financial processes and more. From creating, capturing, indexing, archiving and processing, we help tackle the paper challenge upfront by streamlining workflows, reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary effort.

Human Resources


"I can look at leave reports and it has the employee ID so I can key that in and it comes right up. It is just lightning fast for me now."

The new hire process is eased for the employee and your institution, and future access to files is immediate… at any time, from anywhere. Complete with electronic signature capabilities, new hires can have secure access to fill out forms, have them processed by HR and stored to an electronic employee record, all prior to their start date.

Softdocs and Cybersecurity

Our commitment to cybersecurity within our solutions can make a difference for your institution.

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    Higher Education Overview

    Etrieve by Softdocs offers institution-wide software solutions for human resources, finance and student service eliminating manual paper-based processes for employees and students alike.

  • Etrieve Cloud

    Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, Etrieve Cloud offers a fully cloud-based deployment option for Softdocs’ enterprise content management, electronic forms and workflow solution.

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