Performance Evaluations with Softdocs

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

If you’re in education, this time of year can bring budget meetings, new hires and vacation, but before you can enjoy the Caribbean Sea, many of you must tackle the sea of papers that come with completing end-of-the-year performance evaluations.

For most institutions, this process can be a headache.

Luckily, Softdocs’ Doc e Fill and Doc e Scan work together to ease the burden of these evaluations, by automating workflow and eliminating paper.

Doc e Fill allows you to complete electronic forms—including Performance Evaluations—on the Web and easily re-route them to others for review. That data can then be imported or exported into your ERP system and documents can be automatically archived into Doc e Scan for indexing and document tracking after final approval.

With these solutions, there is:

• No more mass printing. By having electronic versions of documents, administration can easily send forms to multiple employees at once.

• No more excessive reprints. Instead of reprinting an evaluation because of errors or mistakes, the e-form can electronically be re-routed back to the individual who sent it, before approval.

• No more hard-to-decipher handwriting. With everything being electronic, there is no more misinterpretation. Simply go into Doc e Fill through your Web browser, select the form you need, fill in the necessary information, add any notes or comments, assign it to the right person and POOF—Doc e Fill sends the evaluation form where it should go and archives it in Doc e Scan all at the same time!

• No more waiting. With Doc e Fill’s ability to notify users of pending actions via email, no one has to wait for things to be delivered by hand before being able to complete them. With one touch you can instantly send a document to anyone with view capabilities for instant approval or disapproval. If it’s not approved, you’ll receive a notification of changes that need to be made. Once things are corrected, Doc e Fill will simply re-route the document back into workflow, according to the approval process.

• No more vanishing paperwork. With Doc e Scan’s integration into Doc e Fill, a copy of the entire evaluation document is automatically imaged, indexed and filed away, with all the notes and comments that have been made throughout the approval process—from employee to supervisor.

Let’s take a look as we compare Paper vs. Paperless Performance Evaluations —

Paper Performance Evaluations

1. Supervisor prints the evaluation form, fills it out and adds notes
2. Supervisor makes a copy
3. Supervisor and employee review evaluation copy
(If there are no problems or changes needed, move to step 4, or repeat steps 1 and 2.)
4. Employee approves and signs off on evaluation copy (hopefully with a smile)
5. Employee makes a copy
6. Employee submits original copy back to supervisor
7. Supervisor makes another copy, which goes to Personnel
8. Personnel receives, reviews and stamps it for approval
(If there’s a problem, refer back to step 3 and repeat.)
9. Personnel makes a copy for Supervisor
10. Each person involved files their copy in a folder—on their desk, in a cabinet—wherever they have room!

This process alone could take weeks to complete, not including any problems that may arise! All of that copying, signing and submitting, only to re-copy, re-sign and re-submit over and over is such a hassle! Not to mention the paper you’re wasting with having multiple copies.

PaperLESS Performance Evaluations with Softdocs

1. Supervisor logs into Doc e Fill and completes evaluation e-form from computer
2. A copy of the completed evaluation is automatically routed to the employee for review
(If there’s a problem, the employee rejects it and the evaluation is sent back, electronically, to the supervisor with any comments or questions, along with an email notification asking them to review. Repeat step 2.)
3. Employee approves and e-form is automatically sent to Personnel for review/approval
4. Personnel reviews and approves
(If there’s a problem, form is sent back, electronically, to both parties with an email notification. Repeat step 2.)
5. Evaluation is automatically imaged, indexed and filed away into employee’s electronic folder within Doc e Scan with a clear audit trail and review path.

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