Perceptive Migration Forum

Perceptive to Etrieve: Hear it from Customers

Former Perceptive Content customers are leading this discussion on why their institutions chose to migrate to Etrieve by Softdocs. They also share general thoughts on their content management, e-forms and workflow evolution, after now having experience with two different systems.

Migrate from Perceptive to Etrieve

Speed Dating with Etrieve

You’ve thought about breaking away from Perceptive Content and implementing a new enterprise content management system, but what makes Etrieve by Softdocs a right-fit solution for your institution? Industry expert and former Perceptive Software solutions engineer, Vince Silvestri, provides an express demonstration of Etrieve and how it directly compares to Perceptive Content.

Ditch Perceptive - implementing a new enterprise content management system

The Three Ps of Migration: Planning, Preparation and Pain Relief

You know you want to move away from your document management, e-forms and workflow solution. You’ve seen the advantages, heard from Etrieve customers and compared costs. But an ECM migration can be a big commitment on an already stressed IT department, right? In this session, a veteran migration expert walks you through.

Planning, Preparation and Pain Relief- move away from your document management, e-forms and workflow solution

Deep Dive: Q+A with Softdocs’ Leaders

You’ve seen the solutions, you know you can save resources and you’re aware of what to expect during a migration. But what does the road ahead really look like for Etrieve and Softdocs? What will you receive from a Services standpoint? Can you expect integration support with other key software solutions? How often will you receive updates? What does the Etrieve product roadmap look like? Here’s your chance to ask the tough questions of Softdocs’ key figures in Development, Services and Operations.

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Are you ready to break away?

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