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Using Perceptive (formerly ImageNow)? With services being added in a whole new way and as you look at virtual learning options going forward, are you ready to extend Operational Transformation campuswide? It’s time for a Fresh Look in Higher Ed.

Flexibility may be the most vital attribute for higher education success going forward. As you decide the future of just how much of your workforce remains mobile and online learning continues, are you embracing Operational Transformation to safeguard the student and employee experience? In other words, are you in position to keep up with the changing needs of your students and faculty? Through your deployment of Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow), you’ve already tapped into the benefits provided by document management, electronic forms and/or automated workflows - in a few departments at least. But you may be concerned about the viability and affordability of expanding across campus.

As you continue your response to recent disruption, is your current Enterprise Content Management (ECM) deployment the right fit or is it time to take a Fresh Look?

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We’ve pulled together the following resources to help you take a fresh look at the role of ECM in your campus technology stack and your pursuit of operational transformation. These articles, case studies and recordings showcase the benefits document management, e-forms and workflow automation are already providing higher education institutions - at almost every level and department.

Articles and Documents


Upgrade to Softdocs: The Migration Process

Learn about Softdocs’ approach to a data migration, including the four phases of an Etrieve migration.


Perceptive to Etrieve: Campus Map

Take a look at how Etrieve is currently being leveraged across campus, at three higher education institutions.

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