The Paperless Challenge – From K12 to Higher Ed

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

Although budgets, processes, overall strategy and business needs may differ, both K-12 school districts and higher ed institutions are fighting the same struggle…eliminating paper.

College Planning & Management and School Planning & Management recently highlighted two case histories that outline the paperless initiatives for Bulloch County Schools in Georgia and Central Carolina Community College in North Carolina. Both struggled with paper intensive processes that resulted in a multitude of business challenges.

With Etrieve Forms, Bulloch County Schools has been able to go electronic with roughly 90 percent of their personnel forms. Before implementing Etrieve, Bulloch’s manual processes were wasting both time and space. Records are all electronic and e-forms cut out paper on the front end, no longer requiring a warehouse for off-site record storage.

On the higher ed side, Central Carolina Community College has also seen a tremendous benefit through its use of Etrieve Forms. Administrative tasks and forms that previously took weeks to process, now can be processed within minutes.

By leveraging the complete Softdocs platform to streamline the capture of information through e-forms, route information accordingly based on workflows and store forms and other papers in a consolidated place, these schools have been able to transform business operations.

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