Our Next User Group Conference!

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

No, this isn’t an announcement post (though that will come), this is a How-We-Plan-To-Improve-Our-Conference-Going-Forward post, which didn’t seem to make the cut for possible titles.

As a lot of you know, Bridge 2012 brought many things to light. For some, it was learning how to maximize their investment of the Softdocs solutions they already owned. For others, it was finding out about more efficient business processes. For Softdocs employees, it brought nostalgia of the past and excitement of things to come. Around here, we’re sometimes so involved in our daily tasks that we forget to remind ourselves of the big picture, which is so exciting!

BUT to get down to the nitty gritty (no, not those kind of grits, of which we had much of), for the conference coordinators, Bridge revealed our strengths and weaknesses in planning the 4-day event. Once we returned to the office, we reviewed surveys and started a running list of praises and ways to improve our next conference.

We thought it’d be fun to see these in an info-graphic sort of way. So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

First, may we gush about the positives?

Overall, we think the conference was a success, but if it wasn’t for the positive and negative feedback, how could we improve?

Here are just some of the comments from attendees. We’ll be considering all of them when planning our next conference.

The beautiful Francis Marion Hotel hosted the conference, but being an historical building, we ran into a few things.

Probably our most funniest comment was, “I want grits next year too!”

Ha! One thing’s for sure, for the majority of our attendees, we nailed the location and time of year.

Honalulu? What kind of budgets do you all have really? And you’ve been playing us for a fool?!?!

Just because we nailed the location and time, doesn’t mean we’re announcing anything—but it’s in the works, so stay tuned!