An open letter to colleges and universities affected by recent ECM acquisitions

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

As you now know, a major acquisition within the enterprise content management space was recently announced. Here at Softdocs, we realize this is now the fourth acquisition or name change customers of this solution have encountered in recent years – and they might be ready to get off the acquisition merry-go-round.

At Softdocs, we focus exclusively on providing next-generation, browser-based enterprise content management, e-forms and workflow solutions for the education marketplace. If you read our press releases, browse through our case studies or take a look at our blog posts, you’ll find each and every one of them talks about an education success.

We know, as you do, that educational technology needs are very different from those of the healthcare, insurance and financial services markets. Educational institutions are serving our next generation of leaders, preparing them for the careers of tomorrow. It’s critically important that your key enterprise software systems are designed with that sole objective in mind: to help you attract, enroll, educate and serve students.

Softdocs has been helping educational institutions do just this since 1998, and we’re proud of our nearly 100% annual school renewal rate. Our team of education-focused developers, trainers, implementation consultants and support technicians understand and can relate to your specific needs.

As you begin making a decision on what to do as a result of this acquisition, we welcome you to reach out to our team and learn a little more about what Softdocs offers, and the Softdocs family as a whole. There’s no cost or obligation in setting up a demo or attending one of our upcoming webinars. We’re also happy to just get on the phone and hear more about what you’re looking to accomplish. Feel free to call our offices at 888-457-8879 or contact us above and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Thank you for your interest in Softdocs, and we hope to hear from you soon.

-Mike Murphy and Robert Satcher
Founders and Co-owners, Softdocs