Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Not many people fit a “one-size-fits-all” description when it comes to clothing*, much less an imaging system.

As a Softdocs employee, it’s wonderful to see an idea turn into a final product. Being a privately-held company where our solutions are developed in-house, we get to see a visible pay-off of our hard work—from start to finish.

As a customer, you reap the benefits of a privately-held software developer because we can give you solutions that are tailored to your specialized needs. Our solutions aren’t cookie-cutter.

“Other software providers are not anywhere near as willing to customize their solutions as Softdocs,” said Kevin Judy, Bulloch’s assistant superintendent for human resources.

What others have said:

“Softdocs was the only vendor who studied our current processes to help us implement our scanning in the best way possible. When we’ve had problems, Softdocs has been very helpful and quick to respond. They send people on-site in just a day or two to make sure a problem is resolved. Even if a problem got to the top, they made sure that I was well taken care of. We have had a lot of improvements made to the system and our processes simply because of Softdocs’ willingness to change, ”said Donna Bethea, Florence One’s director of data services.

“I love Softdocs. I love being able to say ‘this is what I need to do’ and [they] come up with a solution,” said Madison County Schools District Bookkeeper Alicia Fitzpatrick.

“Everyone has done a great job working with us to solve issues and tweak processes to make them work for us. It’s important to be able to make the software work the way we need it to, and Softdocs has always been willing to help. Any time another school calls me looking for a document management solution, I immediately recommend Softdocs,” said Rita Zazzaro, Manatee’s former payroll manager.

Our customers enjoy the personal attention they receive from both our Service and Support teams and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to have such personal relationships with them. We enjoy providing the tools to eliminate paper-based business processes, even if that means modifying our products to better suit your needs.

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