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On-Demand Webinars

Check out our library of recordings from previous Softdocs webinars – available to you 24/7. You'll find a variety of education topics with industry thought leaders, innovative institutions and key Softdocs personnel.

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Accelerating Operational Transformation During Disruption: New Processes and Forms

September 16 at 12 PM est

Electronic forms and workflow automation have proven instrumental in the implementation of needed process improvements across campus. However, recent disruption has revealed the need for many institutions to do more - to think outside the box - in communicating with students and staff. During this webinar, Pepperdine University and Pratt Community College share examples of specific e-forms and process automation they’ve recently added that are helping them deal with, and even excel beyond, the shifting new normal facing Education today.

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Acceleration During Campus Disruption- A Higher Ed Story

September 30 at 12 PM est

Join us in welcoming Pepperdine University and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) to the Softdocs webinar room. A live discussion will center upon how these two institutions are leveraging Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to insulate operations from disruption related to the ongoing pandemic. Both Pepperdine University’s Reyn Oyadomori and NICC’s Ray Kieffer will detail how their institutions chose to leverage electronic forms, workflow automation and document management in easing this summer’s shift to a more mobile workforce and pushing forward with contingencies prepared to protect the experience of their staff and students.

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A-B Tech: Ensuring Community College Success During These Trying Times

November 12 at 12 PM est

Softdocs recently revealed the findings of a CC survey conducted this fall, which sparked a conversation on change in U.S. community colleges. This webinar continues that conversation by presenting the story of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. Scott Douglas, Data Analyst at A-B Tech, joins Laurel Stiller to discuss his institution’s approach to ongoing disruption and the role Enterprise Content Management (ECM) plays in ensuring the continued success of A-B Tech during these trying times.

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Colorado Mesa University Streamlines Financial Aid with ECM and Funky Techs

February 23 at 12 PM est

This webinar focuses on the rapid expansion of forms and workflow across the CM campus, as they used embedded technicians within key departments -- Funky Techs. A phenomenal customer story centering on the Financial Aid area.

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Perceptive to Etrieve: Hear It From Customers

March 9 at 12 PM est

Former Perceptive Content customers lead this discussion on why their institutions chose to migrate to Etrieve by Softdocs.

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Banner, ECM and Transformation –3 Higher Education Stories

November 23 at 12 PM est

The addition of electronic forms, automated workflows and digital content management (ECM or Enterprise Content Management) has proven to be essential in the last year. However not all ECM solutions are the same or offer the same service. Security, compliance and cloud deployment are all things to be considered. And with Banner as your ERP, you want to feel confident that any solution you choose, will integrate and even enhance your key system of record. Listen as three different Banner schools discuss their deployment of ECM - Etrieve by Softdocs. From the selection process and migration to current integrations and key applications, IT champions from Reed College, Colorado Mesa University and Kenyon College discuss lessons learned in their ECM deployment.

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ImageNow—Is it Time for a Change?

November 18 at 2 PM est

Electronic forms, workflow automation, and digital content management continue to be the right-fit solution for new challenges facing educational institutions. At the same time, many ImageNow customers are finding their existing ECM system is simply too cost prohibitive to extend to additional areas on campus. For Saint Michael’s College, the next step was clear: an ECM migration to Etrieve by Softdocs. In this webinar, you’ll hear why they choose to make the leap and the benefits this system is providing departments and offices across their institution. Is it time for you to make a change as well? Find out here.

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E-Forms, Workflows and Content Management: All Your Questions Answered!

November 11 at 2 PM est

Agility and efficiency are the keys to success within the education space these days. Seeking to keep the work flowing, institutions are turning to electronic forms, workflow automation, and digital content management - but some still have questions about the best way to advance their deployment of this technology. This webinar features live Q&A where you can ask the questions on your mind and hear the questions your peers are asking as well.

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