No Lines, Less Stress in Student Services

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Students and Faculty love e-services. Our Self Scan Station makes the workflow process incredibly quick and hassle-free, turning that never-ending line into a thing of the past.

This little piece of equipment can be set up in place of a long line of cranky students and an exhausted administrator. Self Scan Stations, developed in partnership with Fujitsu — an established leader in the document imaging marketplace — integrate with your Doc e Scan solution to automatically index and file away documents.

The process is easy. Here’s an example.

For Students:
• Place the document you need to scan in the Softdocs Self Scan Station.
• Type in your student ID.
• Select the document type on the touch-screen.
• Go to the cafeteria, take a nap, go to class. You just saved valuable time.

For Administrators:
• After a student scans in a document, the document will be sent over to your inbox
on Doc e Scan.
• Glance at the document to make sure it looks as it should.
• Verify it.
• The document is now filed away in the student’s electronic folder.

Professors or other co-workers can be authorized to use the station as well. It is all up to you and your institution. We’ll tailor it to meet your needs.

Taking our country’s current economic condition to mind, it is more important than ever to leverage all of the functionality you can from your Softdocs solutions.

So, go ahead and start doing something better with your time.