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For years, customers have been asking about coming to our Columbia, SC headquarters for training. We understand the value – it provides customers with the opportunity to meet the team and gain a better understanding of who we are as a company and what all we can offer to our education customers.

Beginning January 1st, we’ll begin formally offering the option to come to Softdocs of training. Up to 6 attendees from your institution can attend at 50% off our normal hourly rate!

If you still want us on-site, no problem. We can do that too. We can also do custom online training.

Below are our standard training rates. If you’d like to book a training session, just let us know.

Training Rates as of 1/1/17:

On-site User Training: $225/hour
Remote/Web Training: $225/hour
Training at Softdocs (Columbia, SC): $112.50/hour

All rates are based on one (1) Softdocs training resource providing training. For administration or complex training, we suggest no more than 6 attendees per training. For user training, up to 20 attendees can be accommodated by a single trainer.