New Kid on the Hall

Hannah Goodwin


Time sure does fly by! It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at Softdocs for almost two months now. I recently graduated from the University of South Carolina this past May, and accepted my offer for the marketing coordinator position in August. I could not ask for a better company to start my career with. From day one I have felt welcomed, valued and respected.

Only being a couple months removed from the world of undergraduate studies, it has been interesting to see how Softdocs is changing the way higher education and K-12 institutions operate. Softdocs’ Etrieve platform includes enterprise content management, electronic forms, process automation and print delivery. When I think about all of the manual, paper based processes I witnessed throughout my formal education, Etrieve is a no brainer. Etrieve is truly reinventing the meaning of efficiency for the education marketplace, allowing those institutions to spend less time tracking paper and more time on what’s important, making an impact on students’ futures.

Inevitably when you start a new job, your friends and family are curious about what it is that you do. Just stating, “Oh, I work at a software development company” doesn’t cut it for most, they want to know more. Instead of getting into the nitty gritty of it all, I’ve found a way to share what it is that Softdocs does.

Most people remember applying to college their senior year of high school and having that anxiety of putting your trust in the guidance counselor to send your transcripts and other records to the correct universities. Nothing is worse during that exciting time than finding out a key piece of information is missing from your record.  Imagine all your student records stored in Etrieve Content, a fully browser-based content management solution. Its customizable and flexible electronic filing structure makes it easy to store, archive and retrieve content based on student name, ID, graduation year or other key identifiers. Not only would your records be safe from being misplaced, they would also be protected from being unintentionally destroyed by weather or other disasters.

The projects I have been a part of so far have been wonderful, but the work is only part of what makes this job so great. The people and culture here at Softdocs, really make it feel like home. On my very first day of work, there was a company outing to watch a Columbia Fireflies baseball game! Talk about a homerun of a first day. People say hi when you pass by in the hallway, people ask about your weekend plans and best of all, people want to know how they can help you. Sometimes it’s tough being the new kid on the hall, but when you’re surrounded by smart and encouraging coworkers, it feels like a breeze. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me at Softdocs!