New Customer Spotlight | Lee County School System

Jordan Harbor

Jordan Harbor

For this week’s new customer spotlight, I am excited to introduce Lee County School System and officially welcome them to the Softdocs community!

While LCSS is currently mid-implementation, I couldn’t wait to hop on the phone and discuss their expectations for and motivations behind their impending utilization of our Etrieve platform. Which brings me to a recent conversation I shared with Kevin Dowling, assistant superintendent at LCSS, and Gary Kelley, comptroller - also of LCSS.

Although they have not begun to experience the many benefits of ECM within their district yet, there was noticeable excitement around steps the district is taking. Steps like introducing content management, electronic forms and workflow through Etrieve - the district’s first substantial move towards digitalizing content and processes - which is driving their shift away from a paper-centric focus. LCSS is also concurrently rolling out other efficiency-boosting solutions like Time Clock Plus.

Both Kevin and Gary shared reasons why they are looking forward to going live with Etrieve, across the district.

Purchase Order Approvals/Notifications in Real Time

“Etrieve will enable our school’s teachers to submit purchase orders electronically, instead of with pen and paper. It will provide us with a much more efficient way to locate needed documentation, pull up checks, process submitted purchase orders and convey approvals back to the original submitter. And our teachers will be able see approvals as they take place.”

New Efficiencies in Contract Issuance

“We issue 450-500 contracts every spring. We’ve been preparing, mailing and processing these by hand. Etrieve will allow us to complete these tasks electronically, which means a huge savings in time and increase in efficiency.”

From Time-Intensive Paper Processes to Taking on Additional Responsibilities

“Our district reached a point where we either had to hire several more people to handle all the mounting paperwork or embrace a solution that would create new efficiencies for our current team. With Etrieve, we found a platform that would let our team accomplish tasks in minutes that were previously taking days to complete. ECM is going to be a huge boon for our workers and will position them to spend less time pushing paper and focus on more administrative tasks instead.”

Opportunity for Integrations with PCGenesis

“The fact that Softdocs could integrate with PCGenesis was a huge factor in our decision to implement Etrieve. PCGenesis is our biggest system, and we use it for everything. We are truly looking forward to establishing integrations between Etrieve and PCGenesis that will connect these systems, share data and aid us as we look to make processes more efficient.”

The Benefits of Deploying ECM at an Enterprise Level

“From paychecks to purchase orders, many of our business processes are still being completed by hand - with pen and paper. Going live with ECM will allow us to simplify and automate these processes, saving us, our teachers and our administrators, a lot of time. Many in our central office want this functionality yesterday, and we know as soon as our teachers begin submitting purchase orders or contracts electronically that their eyes will light up too!”