The Move to Etrieve | New Customer Spotlight

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

Things aren’t slowing down here at Softdocs! We’ve been busy kicking off our tradeshow travels, planning for Bridge 2017 and making some exciting announcements like a new, cloud-based deployment model for Etrieve. But the best part of this busy spring season is welcoming our latest Etrieve customers.

We are thrilled to welcome all of the following schools to Etrieve, our next generation content management solution:

The path to Etrieve looks different for each school. While some of these schools are brand new Softdocs customers replacing older ECM solutions, some are existing customers expanding their relationship with Softdocs and making the move to Etrieve.

Seeing the positive impact Etrieve has on the everyday lives of the employees and students of these schools is one of our favorite parts about what we do. Our customers allow our solutions to come to life and transform the way they handle common processes, giving them time to get back to what matters. We are excited to build wonderful relationships with our new customers and look forward to helping our current customers make the most out of their upgrade.

And don’t forget, whether you are replacing your old ECM solution completely, or upgrading your current platform, a lot of time, thought and consideration goes on during the process of making that decision. To learn more about upgrading your ECM, you can read our top five considerations here.

Welcome to the next generation of paperless!