Why a Mobile-First ECM Solution is Something to Consider

Terri McKinney

Terri McKinney

As the summer is winding down, and many schools are already back in session, we’ve been busy checking in with many of our customers to ensure their solutions are running in top shape for the influx of students. This time of year is a fresh start full of high expectations for productivity and efficiency coming off of a restful summer. Our hope is that our solutions can help you meet those expectations this school year and allow you the freedom to focus on the pressing items on campus rather than managing paper.

Back in June, our marketing director, Jennifer Wilson, wrote a blog post about a new driver for institutions to consider in their technology buying processes: the student. In the enterprise content management (ECM) industry, the driver has often been to improve back-office operations and eliminate paper-intensive processes at institutions. While that need is still very much present, the evolution of the education ECM industry has had to adapt to accommodate this new student driver.

When you think about student demands, your mind probably goes to their desire for instant access to information, anywhere, anytime. After all, the rest of the world is at their fingertips – why should student requests be handled any differently? Throughout recent years, mobile access has gone from a luxury feature of ECM solutions to somewhat of a requirement to remain competitive in the industry.

When Etrieve, our next-generation ECM, e-forms and workflow platform was being developed around two years ago, our team had this idea of mobile access at the forefront of their minds. Unlike other providers who have reworked their legacy solutions to embed mobile support, Etrieve was built from the ground up specifically for its end users. A mobile-first methodology was never an afterthought for Etrieve; it was developed strategically to fulfill the demands of not only the modern-day employee but the student as well.

The student no longer has to pick up hard copy forms to submit to the institution for instances such as course withdrawal, change of major or request for school absence; these forms are now readily available online. The times of crumpled forms, wet signatures and incomplete fields are gone. Employees also benefit from viewing check stubs and handling requests like asking for time off right from their phones.

Mobile access makes life for students easier, which in turn, makes life easier on the employees. Today, more and more institutions are seeing their students as customers and being able to provide them with what we refer to as ‘the next generation of paperless.’ This approach creates a system in which access is eased, documentation is consolidated, and workflow processes are streamlined.

A mobile-first ECM solution can also help your institution deliver this technology driver without costly development effort to re-work your legacy solutions to incorporate mobile access. If your institution values its students’ and employees’ time and energy, a mobile enterprise content management platform is something to consider when evaluating your technology needs.

This school year, resolve to do more with less. Contact us today to learn more about Etrieve and what our solutions can do for your institution.