Managing Teacher Contracts with Softdocs

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Teacher contracts are one of the most important and paper-intensive processes in school districts today. With Softdocs products, your district can streamline this process using an electronic contract and web-based workflow between human resources, principals and teachers.

After your district decides which teachers will be offered contracts for the upcoming year, our products can read this data and pre-populate an electronic contract with all necessary information. The contract is then delivered to the teacher directly or through their principal.

Step 1: The teacher receives notification of a contract via e-mail. The teacher then opens the contract, reviews and accepts or rejects the contract by electronic signature.

Step 2: The contract is automatically sent back to their principal or human resources for final approval.

Step 3: After approval the contract is converted into a PDF and archived within the teacher’s electronic folder in Doc e Scan.

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