Reimbursing Local Travel: A Better Way

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Regardless of your industry, local travel (or in-district travel) is a necessity. Odometer readings, information logs, calculations and reimbursements are all important. A good audit trail is always required – and wouldn’t it be nice if this wasn’t so paper intensive?

A dynamic in-district travel e-form could help.

Instead of using odometer readings, our Doc e Fill e-form includes pre-set destination options with automatic mileage allotments and round trip time-saver calculations. The e-form also considers the needs of your accounting folks, those responsible for completing the audit trails and approving payments, with reference fields for vendor number, invoice number, general ledger account allocations and amounts.

We can’t make your burden of tracking travel requirements and payments go away, but we can help you streamline the process and increase efficiency. Contact us today if you’d like to simplify tracking for your local travel.