Did you know? – Etrieve Revolutionizes Electronic Teacher Contracts

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

Etrieve’s solution for Human Resources includes a module for Electronic Teacher Contracts that is reinventing how districts manage contracts. With a fully browser-based solution, contracts are created, distributed and stored electronically, making it easier for your staff to access them from any device and creating a more streamlined process for all in involved. Additionally, Etrieve offers added functionality to help with some of the common creation and distribution challenges districts face. Did you know these features exist?

Preview teacher contracts before broadcast.

Prior to submitting a contract, Etrieve gives the submitter the ability to preview the contract as it would be viewed by the receiver. The preview functionality allows the submitter to cycle through users’ contracts, or to simply select a user to preview. The preview dialog can also be minimized to maximize the viewing area of the contract.

This functionality is game-changing for human resources. No longer do you have to imagine the data on the form – you can actually see it! Get the peace of mind you want and need when broadcasting teacher contracts.

Manage users, metadata and new contracts internally.

Etrieve’s New Contract utility allows for uploading a large number of users’ data, for any kind of contract. Excel can be used to manage users’ data and maintain a master list of users. With Excel, human resources can export a tab-delimited file to upload user data to the New Contract utility. Any changes to a contract’s look, feel or wording can then be done using Etrieve’s Form Administration.

This feature empowers your district to take matters into their own hands in a streamlined, efficient way. Previous options for entering user data for each teacher individually could end up being a lengthy process. This allows your district to manage this process themselves, without having to depend on Softdocs to upload your users’ data and eliminating the back and forth communication of last minute changes.

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