It’s Tax Season!

Rocky Berger

Rocky Berger

Many families spend this time of the year counting the remaining shopping days and worrying about how many gifts are left to be bought and wrapped. Your Softdocs family is busy making sure we have your tax form information before your institution closes for winter break.

Once the holidays are over, everyone will get busy with end of year work. If you are a Serve user, you can rest easy knowing that your tax forms are loaded, waiting for you to complete your final data computations.

When the data is ready, these users call the Softdocs support team and are placed in the work queue. The next available technician individually works with these users to ensure their data prints correctly and everything is properly aligned.

Another great benefit we’re able to offer you with Serve is the ability to reprint tax documents, as necessary, without having to reproduce the actual data. If Etrieve Content is also in use, the images of your tax documents can be made available for viewing and long term storage.

Our goal is to make your tax season less stressful. During the 2014 tax season, Softdocs printed over 345,000 documents!

Need to order tax forms? We can help! Contact us today.

Softdocs can even handle the printing and mailing of your tax documents for you. Many of you chose to outsource these efforts to us last season – we printed and mailed over 98,500 tax documents in 2014! 

For an in-depth discussion of how Softdocs can help you have a less stressful tax season, contact us today!