Introducing the Softdocs Self Scan Station

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Looking for a way to reduce the burden of scanning? Why not let your students do it?

The new Softdocs Self Scan Station, developed in partnership with Fujitsu Computer Products of America, provides a networked scanner interface for Doc e Scan, Softdocs’ imaging and archival solution. Students and employees can electronically submit their physical documents to Doc e Scan through Fujitsu’s fi-6010N scanner, which includes a touch screen interface and runs on your network.

By linking Doc e Scan system using student and employee ID numbers, the Softdocs Self Scan Station can automatically file documents into a review queue or user’s electronic folder. Each document is automatically indexed by user ID and document type. Doc e Scan can also create reports to determine which folders contain pending documents, allowing for quick and simple approval processes.

The Softdocs Self Scan Station helps your organization provide better customer service to your students and employees. Long lines and wait times are eliminated, allowing your students and employees to quickly and easily submit their documents to you without the time commitment.

For more information on how your organization can do more with Softdocs, please contact us.