Softdocs has served school districts for nearly 20 years, providing solutions for even the most challenging and complex of business processes. From human resources and finance to student records, our single platform for enterprise content management, e-forms and process automation can help increase operational efficiency for your district, whether you have 20 or 20,000 employees.


Our solutions provide more than paperless financial records. A process-oriented approach builds on our foundation of capturing, imaging, indexing and archiving data, revolutionizing the way financial processes function. Our software and services will streamline workflow and reduce required resources and costs of finance operations.

To learn more about our cloud offering for finance, check out our EtrieveK12 brochure here.

Eliminate Manual Paper-Intensive Processes

Drastically Reduce Turn-Around Time for Orders, Requests and More

Integration with Various ERP and Accounting Systems

Paperless Purchasing & AP Approval

Purchase requisitions are known for being extremely paper-based. Handwritten purchase orders, manual approval processes and redundant keying of data into your finance and payroll solutions, and that’s just the beginning. The completion, mailing and additional copies required waste paper and time. Through electronic forms, the purchasing and approval is streamlined.

Requisitions are submitted through an e-form, processed and sent for approval. Once authorized, data is automatically passed into your finance system, and the purchase order is created. The requisition, generated PO and all corresponding documents are matched and stored. From there, additional workflows can be leveraged to distribute copies of the PO to the requester, school representatives, purchasing and the vendor.


What used to take our AP clerk two hours is now complete in about 15 minutes.


Nathalie Brunell | Director of Accounting and Finance | Bentonville Public Schools

Human Resources

Let our next-generation platform streamline your employee-related needs from hire to retire. From process automation with integrated electronic forms to file-archiving capabilities, our software allows both employees and HR to save time and resources. Teachers and staff have access to personnel files as needed, common HR requests can be processed and tracked electronically, and onboarding and teacher contracts are simplified, allowing for teachers to focus on the classroom and not tedious HR tasks.

To learn more about our cloud offering for HR, check out our EtrieveK12 brochure here.


Simple and Secure Access to Personnel Files

Streamlined Onboarding Process Prior to Start Date

Archive Employee Records from Onboarding to Retirement

Employee Onboarding

Endless paperwork and incomplete documentation are unfortunately a realistic part of the new hire process. By creating a truly paperless onboarding process, electronic forms can be completed, reviewed and processed more efficiently, ensuring that all required information is collected even before an employee’s start date.

Electronic Teacher Contracts

Manage the complete contract process through automation of distribution, review and finalization. Pre-populate employee data to reduce manual keying and increase data consistency, then automatically route the contract to the employee and their supervisor for review and approval.

Everyone involved is aware of statuses and deadlines, and once complete, signatures are captured electronically with a date and time stamp. Contracts and all related content including letters of intent, recommendation letters and letters of agreement are all organized and processed in a fraction of the time.

Employee Self-Service

Through our fully browser-based platform, employees have immediate, yet secure access to their personnel files at any time, from any device. From direct deposit notices and tax forms, to general employment documentation and contracts, everything is electronic and easy to access, preventing unnecessary tasks for office personnel.


It used to take days just to get all the data to the district office for approval, and even longer for the check to be cut and sent back to the employee. Now, employees can attach scanned receipts and invoices directly to the reimbursement form , and it lands on our desks in just a few minutes instead of a few days.


Troy Brown | Chief Financial Officer | Bulloch County Schools

Student Records

Student records in many states must be kept a minimum of 100 years. With many districts still relying on paper files, schools are faced with storage challenges, misplaced student files and possible risk of not remaining compliant. From basic student record management to more involved special needs procedures, our platform provides your district with the tools they need to more appropriately handle student records and requests.

To learn more about our cloud offering for student records, check out our EtrieveK12 brochure here.

Customizable and Flexible Electronic Filing Structure

Improved File Retention and Compliance Plans for Special Needs Records

Improve Disaster Recovery and Compliance Plans

Student Record Management

From grade reports to permanent records, keep track of your students’ records entirely online from their first day of kindergarten to graduation day. Through customized filing structures and indexing, easily store, archive and retrieve content based on student name, ID, graduation year or other key identifiers specific to your district.

Special Needs

Record retention around special needs records is unique. Track and store IEP’s, psychological evaluations, medical records and communications in a secure, easy to access location. Ensure your district has ease of access to these records as needed, both for current and future reference, while complying with state and federal regulations including HIPAA.

Student Registration and Management

Improve the student registration and enrollment process through the use of electronic forms, process automation and content management. Blend SIS data with electronic forms to ease and automate new student registration at the beginning of each school year. Once complete, store registration forms and corresponding documentation in the electronic student file. These same forms can be used to assist with other common student management processes including updating emergency contact information and completing medical forms.


If I needed to search for a child in a particular grade, then that information is already there, rather than me trying to flip through [physical] documents. It’s 100 percent more convenient.


Rebecca Cleveland | Director of Admissions | Estem Public Schools

We strive to simplify.

Our innovative software solutions work to redefine business processes in the educational marketplace by improving student service and employee productivity with complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.