Implementation Phase I: Discovery

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Once your institution licenses solutions from Softdocs, there are typically three phases of implementation—Discovery, Installation and Training. Our skilled, Professional Services team works with your institution to implement our solutions properly and effectively into your business processes, ensuring that the end result meets your specific needs.

Today we are going to focus on the first phase – Discovery.

What is Discovery?
Discovery is a collaborative process to identify and discuss unique needs, goals, objectives, milestones, potential roadblocks, existing requirements and desired business processes of each department. We want to be able to create a specific project plan that will become the guiding document for the overall implementation of the Softdocs Workflow Suite.

Who leads Discovery?

Our Services Consultants. So who are these folks? Our Consultants are essentially business analysts. They have been recruited based on their experience working with educational and municipal customers on process management, workflow and efficiency gain. While they also know our solutions inside and out, first and foremost they maintain the mindset that there is always a better way to get things done. They work hard to help you do just that—discover the better way.

What does Discovery involve?

The Discovery process involves reviewing current business processes to determine where efficiencies can be gained through dynamic electronic workflow and automation. The end goal is to discovery ways to leverage the power of the Softdocs Workflow Suite to its fullest potential, ensuring your investment has the fastest ROI possible and that employees will want to use it—versus being told they must use it.

What if I already have your solutions but want to implement in other departments?

No problem! One of our Consultants would be happy to work with your departments to get it properly up and going in a timely manner.

And what if I want to re-evaluate my current implementation for greater efficiency gain?

That’s no problem either! We’re more than happy to come work with existing customers that have been using the product for a few years and want to look “under the hood” per se, for ways to find even greater efficiencies than they might have today.

In fact, we—along with other business process consultants across industries—actually suggest re-examining processes every 3-5 years or after a key personnel change. As our Consultants will say, there’s always room for improvement!

To request more information on Professional Services, contact us. To meet our Professional Services team and to schedule a free one-on-one consultation, come to Bridge 2012, our User Group Conference, in September.