Implementation Phase 3: Training

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

It’s been a few weeks since we last shared about our Implementation Process, but we wanted to be sure to explain the details of our last phase—Training.

Everyone knows what training is from a definition standpoint, but some may not know how it ties into the Implementation Process with Discovery and Installation.

Why is Training so important?
Training is an integral part of the Implementation Process. Although the last stage, it’s one of the most essential pieces of making the process successful.

While we do focus on some technical “know-hows” of each solution (how documents get into our system, how content and images are imported or exported, etc.), the goal of Training is to make sure our end users know how to use our solutions. We want them to feel comfortable enough to use our products with ease once we leave their institution.

What happens during Training?
During Training, our Service Consultants focus in on the key processes identified during Discovery to design a customized training session for each business area. This is done to ensure that each employee understands what the system does, how the system benefits them and ways to leverage their electronic content management to effectively complete their daily tasks.

Training within each department allows the end users to work through their business processes in a live environment, which we have found to be much more meaningful to the end users. We have also seen that this method of Training increases the ability of each user to better retain the information discussed.

If Training involved multiple departments, the training materials would have to be more general in scope so that everyone would get trained, but it leaves the user speculating how they will apply what they learned to their particular business processes. So departmental training is the best approach for us and what we aim for during the Training stage.

Where is Training done?
One of the best parts about our Training process is not only is it individualized by department but it’s also flexible! Training can either be done on-site at your institution or remotely via our web-training solution. This gives each employee the flexibility to learn during a time that best suits their schedules. However, on-site training is still best, as our trainer is able to actually sit with the user and walk them through daily business processes.

We realize every client does things a little differently. During Discovery we learn each of these business processes and we incorporate them into the Implementation which is shown through Training. This process gives users an opportunity to interact with the trainer and ask specific questions about the process for any adjustments that may be needed at the moment. These types of adjustments can sometimes bring out additional requirements needed or processes we may have misunderstood during the original requirements in Discovery. All of these adjustments aid the optimization of the software for a particular process.

At times, it may seem like more work is being added to the users already hectic workload, however the ideal end result of an electronic document management system is to turn a paper document into an electronic form as soon as it is touched, so a little extra work on the front end pays off in the long haul!

What happens after Implementation is complete?
Once Training is completed and our Service Consultants leave, we don’t just push you off the edge so-to-speak (that would just be mean). Our Service Consultants return to our headquarters and write up a summary of their experiences and what has been implemented for our records. Once finished, online documentation and tutorial videos can be accessed through our Customer Portal and online guide and, of course, you can always call in for any additional help you may need.

We value you as a customer and desire you to be fully equipped with the necessary skills it takes to make our solutions run correctly and efficiently for you. Our hope is that with the information learned through Discovery, Installation and Training, you’ll not only use our solutions to automate your day-to-day activities, but you’ll have the knowledge to expand and build upon the basic uses of each solution to do more. Our idea of success isn’t only getting our products out to our customers, but it’s helping our customers see their potential to build upon the resources they have to do something extraordinary. Since our beginning, our customers continue to use our solutions in ways we could have never imagined and it’s amazing to see how you’ve helped us evolve.

So, if you’re ready to take that next step towards Implementation, go ahead and give us a call…888-457-8879!