Implementation Phase 2: Installation

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Last month, we introduced the implementation process to you, focusing on the first phase—Discovery.  This week we want to continue the process, moving along to the second stage—Installation.

What is Installation?
Once the Discovery process is complete, our skilled Professional Services team and Implementation Engineers begin to install, configure and test your solutions. This process involves end-users, IT managers and project leads working with our team to ensure that what’s built is exactly what you need—and that it’s done in time!

Who leads Installation?
Our Services Consultants. Our Consultants are essentially business analysts. They have been recruited based on their experience working with educational and municipal customers on process management, workflow and efficiency gain. While they also know our solutions inside and out, first and foremost, they maintain the mindset that there is always a better way to get things done. They work hard to help you not only discover better, more efficient ways of doing business but also give you all the resources, hardware, and programs needed to successfully move forward in the implementation process.

What does Installation involve?
The installation process is made up of three parts: software installation, configuration, and system testing. Our Services Consultants work with your IT staff and project leads to get all the necessary applications discussed in the Discovery process loaded onto the host server at your institution. Once loaded, applications go through a deep configuration process, where business rules, filing structures and roles are established. Any licensed electronic forms and data capture templates are also installed at this time. Once configuration is complete, a detailed testing process begins to ensure that what you wanted is exactly what you will get.

What if I want to re-evaluate my current implementation for greater efficiency gain?
That’s no problem either! We’re more than happy to come work with existing customers who have been using the product for a few years and want to look “under the hood” for ways to find even greater efficiencies than they might have today.
Our software is constantly being improved with new features that enable our Consultants to do more for our customers to save them time and money. In fact, we—along with other business process consultants across industries—actually suggest re-examining processes every 3-5 years or after a key personnel change.

In the words of our Professional Services Manager, Carvel Blakeney, “We take pride in helping our customers achieve their fullest potential for improving their business processes. Seeing a smile on an employee’s face when you save them time by improving their job means that we are doing our job.”

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