Imaging and Archival with Doc e Scan and Doc e Serve

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Our VP of Marketing, Lew Love, wrote our blog this week highlighting the seamless integration between Doc e Scan and Doc e Serve for your imaging and archival needs.

Doc e Scan’s electronic archival is the perfect paperless option for your Doc e Serve print jobs.

Using the import module within Doc e Scan, you can re-process archived print jobs and match AP checks, purchase orders and purchase requisitions automatically.  Scanned hard copy documents, such as invoices and packing slips or vendor contracts, can also be matched to the Doc e Serve print job.  These documents create a complete AP archived file for your auditors.  Doc e Scan provides accessibility via a secure web connection. No more copying!

In human resources and payroll, the possibilities are nearly endless, especially when considering self service portals for your employees.  After you re-process all the direct deposit slips, payroll checks and W-2s for archival into Doc e Scan, let Softdocs backfile all your physical records stored in the vault or in the HR and payroll offices. Now you have a complete record of your employee records: applications, performance evaluations, vacation request, completed benefit signup forms, drug screening results, background checks and more.  Once all forms are archived within Doc e Scan, use the Employee Self Service portal to provide your employees with secure access to their forms for viewing and printing.  The constant phone calls and email requests for information and copies stop, freeing HR and payroll employees from these tasks.

For our over 150 higher education customers, the same processes can be applied to grade reports, transcripts, FERPA documents and hundreds of other documents from your various departments.  Your colleagues, students and employees will now have secure access to their necessary information. Doc e Scan also has a Token Access module which allows you to give viewing access of certain documents to a visitor for a specific period of time. Token Access abides by FERPA rules and writes a viewing and reason log to ensure complete security.

Other ERP solutions may also have a self-service portal, but they are producing an electronic template and placing data into the open fields, creating a faux copy. With Softdocs, every document is an original.

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