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Student Services

Today’s students demand immediate access to information 24-7 from any device. The Etrieve platform makes that a reality by creating a totally paperless, mobile-ready solution to help tackle common student requests. From admissions and financial aid applications to change of major and transcript requests, students can access, complete and collect required documents and signatures seamlessly. In return, institutions reduce lost paperwork, have detailed audit trails and eliminate manual processing bottlenecks along the way.

Paperless Financial Aid

Streamlined and simple.


Consolidate all financial aid documentation including parent, student, federal and state forms to a single portal for easy access, submission, review and verification. The overall process is streamlined and automated, reducing a traditional three-week process down to just three days or less.

E-Forms Access

Access has never been easier.


Fully customizable, dynamic e-forms allow your institution to create a complete electronic process for student needs including financial aid, graduation applications, change of major and transcript requests and other key forms. Leveraging tight integration to back-end ERP systems, e-forms can be prepopulated with student data reducing upfront legwork and ensuring data consistency.

Detailed Audit Trail

Easily track student requests.


Keep students informed and up-to-date with a highly detailed audit trail of their requests and submissions. Automatically update students of their status in a process and information required to continue, avoiding the messy, time-consuming process of validating and responding to requests by hand.

Automatic Notifications

Save your staff time and effort.


Student submissions are automatically processed and tracked, notifying involved parties of every submission and change in status, and ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to deadlines and escalations.

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  • Higher Education Overview

    Etrieve by Softdocs offers institution-wide software solutions for human resources, finance and student service eliminating manual paper-based processes for employees and students alike.

  • Etrieve in the Cloud

    Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform for deployment and hosting, Softdocs provides institutions with 99.5% uptime availability for Etrieve's cloud enterprise content management.