Harvest Hope

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

To finish out 2011, Softdocs decided to donate to Harvest Hope Food Bank. Harvest Hope is a non-profit organization that collects food and other necessities for local folks in need. Giving always makes you feel a little warm and fuzzy, especially during the holidays.

Fueled by compassion (and a departmental competition), we ended up donating hundreds of items. The trade off? A pizza party for the winning department! The competition lasted for two weeks and the Records Scanning Department won with 107 items.

When we dropped off our items, the parking lot at Harvest Hope was packed. As sad as it was to see folks in need, there were many other folks making donations. There were vans, trucks, and buses hauling in food. A school bus was loaded down with canned foods and boxes of items. It was a sight to see!

Want to know more about Harvest Hope?
·         Started in 1981
·         Served 2,037,496 individuals in 2010
·         42% increase in the number of families fed over the same time period 1 year ago
·         Currently serves 20 counties in SC
·         Partner of Feeding America (the largest hunger relief charity)
·         Has 476 regional local member agencies

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

To donate or find out more, visit