From Good to Great…A Vertical Approach to ECM

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

As the Marketing Director, I’m constantly hearing from analysts, media, customers, friends at competitive solutions and even Softdocs employees asking ‘Why do you limit yourselves to Education when your products could be great for any industry?’ It’s a valid question…and one our team here is always keeping an open mind about. So why? Why do we, as they say, ‘limit’ ourselves?

In today’s world, technology companies are quick to get their hands in every pot, hoping to be a single vendor providing a variety of solutions. Many of us here at Softdocs have worked in these types of companies. The ones that grow quickly, acquire new products and partner with endless applications as they build out a set of robust technologies with impressive customer bases. The end result…companies who are GOOD at a lot of things, but who struggle to be GREAT at anything.

When I came to Softdocs just over a year ago, I saw an immediate advantage to their approach and I encouraged them to continue that path even though outside influences could have easily swayed them to expand their focus. With a customer retention rate over 99%, Softdocs had accomplished something special…they had become GREAT at providing a set of solutions focused on taking the education market paperless and improving their overall operational processes from HR to Finance to Student Records and Student Services. They didn’t try to sell to the world. They knew who they were as a company, who was the best fit as a customer and they had a commitment to building partnerships that aligned with those goals.

As I talked to more and more customers, my confidence in this approach only grew and I was excited to see where it would take us as a company. I was constantly hearing that the main value in working with Softdocs was the industry expertise of the professional services team and the education tailored product set. It was clear…we had learned from both our own experiences and those of our customers, and it resulted in us guiding them through more successful implementations.

To some we may be limiting ourselves, but to the industry we serve, I think it’s safe to say we are doing just fine. At the end of the day, our solutions are used throughout a variety of departments in over 600 educational institutions across the country. Our technology could no doubt be successful in financial services or manufacturing or healthcare, and we could approach these verticals and see instantaneous growth. However, we see value in continuing to focus in on what we have truly become great at…developing and implementing solutions for the education marketplace.

We have a commitment to the industry that made us the success we are today. For that reason, we continue to value their trust in our people and our products. No one knows what the future might hold, but as far as I can see, there is no ‘limit’ at all to our continued growth in this market and we’re happy to be a part of it!