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Are you juggling mobile deployment, security demands, data consistency and key software integrations– all while dealing with paper-based inefficiencies and outdated processes? It’s time for a Fresh Look in IT.

Fresh Look

We used to say that higher education IT leaders faced new challenges every year … that has changed to every day. While the desire to innovate, sustain and simplify are still objectives, the recent need to go virtual pushed flexibility and scalability to the forefront. Can the use of Enterprise Content Management (automated workflows, electronic forms and content management) help you accomplish your immediate and ongoing goals?

Whether you already leverage ECM or remain reliant on paper-based processes, now is the time to explore how higher education institutions are bringing digital, and operational, transformation to campus. The ability to manage high volumes of forms and workflow, scalable to operational needs, and support comprehensive, digital student records-as well as employee, finance and fundraising records-can be the difference between your institution simply surviving and thriving.


We’ve pulled together the following resources to help you take a fresh look at the role of ECM in your campus technology stack and your pursuit of operational transformation. These articles, case studies and recordings showcase the benefits document management, e-forms and workflow automation are already providing higher education institutions - at almost every level and department.

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Etrieve in the Cloud

Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform for deployment and hosting, Softdocs provides institutions with 99.5% uptime availability for Et

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