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Current disruptions are causing College Admissions to pivot quickly to assess the incoming class for 2020-21. It’s time for a Fresh Look in Admissions.

Facing Admissions uncertainty, NACAC has provided some incredible resources to navigate the new normal. Now, more than ever, your institution is counting on you to engage the incoming class of students in new ways. As you lead continuous change, do you have the right tools to support you?

Any operational inefficiencies within admissions, or between peer offices, can not only hinder your ability to attract new students, but retain them as well.

Many higher ed Admissions offices are embracing an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) integrated tightly with their chosen CRM and the institution’s Student Information System to streamline the applicant record and every prospect process. With a complete digital student record, you can improve communication with prospective students and other campus departments. Your documents and forms need to be digitally available to your peer offices like never before. Whether you know what ECM is or not, already leverage ECM or remain wholly reliant on paper-based processes, hearing how these institutions are bringing digital transformation to the Admissions Office, is beneficial.


We’ve pulled together the following resources to help you take a fresh look at the role of ECM in your campus technology stack and your pursuit of operational transformation. These articles, case studies and recordings showcase the benefits document management, e-forms and workflow automation are already providing higher education institutions - at almost every level and department.

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How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Admissions

Sessions for admitted students are going online, and graduate programs are worried...


6 Considerations for Moving Admissions Processes

University Business: How enrollment can benefit from the cloud


2 New Tools are Tracking the Status of Admissions

NACAC has developed two new tools to track the status of college admission in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.


An under-the-radar college in SC nailed admissions

This year many private colleges have struggled with enrolling freshmen. Some have met their targets, and some fell far short of them.

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