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Operational transformation used to be a competitive edge, but is now instrumental for institutions seeking to deliver a secure, streamlined virtual experience. It’s time for a Fresh Look.

The digital evolution of education continues, perhaps at a faster pace than ever before. Already leveraging Softdocs’ ECM solutions, you’ve made significant strides, but have you optimized every system on campus? With education facing an urgency to become even more efficient, even more paperless, asking the hard questions is paramount.

Are key systems integrated and providing the best operational and process outcomes? Is there opportunity to expand current deployments to better serve a now mobile workforce or safeguard remote student success? Which processes can be streamlined to improve the virtual experience your institution provides? Are there services that will empower your institution to do more, at this time when you need to the most?

It’s time to ask the hard questions. It’s time for a Fresh Look at Etrieve and Softdocs. Let us help you realize new paths to innovation through e-forms, workflow automation and content management. Together, we can achieve the true operational transformation your institution needs to not only survive, but thrive!


We’ve pulled together the following resources to help you take a fresh look at the role of ECM in your campus technology stack and your pursuit of operational transformation. These articles, case studies and recordings showcase the benefits document management, e-forms and workflow automation are already providing higher education institutions - at almost every level and department.

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White Paper

Cybersecurity in Education: A Pressing Need

This resource outlines common cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities impacting college, universities and school districts today.

Service Overview

Optimizing Softdocs Solutions w/ Managed Services

Review the advantages provided by Managed Services, namely strategic planning, advanced consulting and continuous system improvement.

Solution Overview

Cloud-Based ECM, E-Forms and Workflow

Discover the benefits behind deploying Etrieve in the cloud.

Softdocs Community

Access the new Softdocs Community to interact with other institutions and review a library of online, Softdocs resources - including multichannel support from the Softdocs team.

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