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You’ve met disruption with strategic change, yet Education’s new normal is still taking shape. Now, more than ever before, students are looking at higher education with an ROI perspective — making this the time for community colleges to take the lead with new technologies.

Ready for a Fresh Look

Across Education, disruption is revealing the need, and creating an urgency, for institutions to operate with greater efficiency and agility. Protecting your ability to pivot quickly, has never been more important. If paper-based inefficiencies, outdated processes or departmental disconnects are limiting the effectiveness of your technology stack in ensuring services continue uninterrupted and unaffected by disruption, it’s time to make a change. 

It’s time to Take a Fresh Look at Operational Transformation. 

Through electronic forms, workflow automation and content management, Softdocs’ Etrieve platform provides you with the functionality you need to protect the student/staff experience from further disruption. Your college can nimbly drive the process efficiencies your students and staff need, while supporting the trusted campus systems you already deploy. While remaining competitive is important, having key software that enables your college to handle high volumes of forms and workflows, allows you to quickly scale your utilization and provides you with a 100% digital student record — well, that can be the difference between simply surviving and thriving with Education’s new normal. 


We’ve pulled together the following resources to help you take a fresh look at the role of ECM in your campus technology stack and your pursuit of operational transformation. These articles, case studies and recordings showcase the benefits document management, e-forms and workflow automation are already providing higher education institutions — at almost every level and department.

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